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Hi everyone!

My name is Rachael (yes, I spell it different than most), I live in South Florida, and I am like most people my age; currently struggling to face the fact that I am an adult...I mean, adulting is hard. I'm a big lover of books and a supporter of imagination. One of my favorite things to do when I'm not reading is drawing, I especially love to draw mandalas and anything book related. 
Some of my favorite genres include historical fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. my current obsession is the A Song of Ice and Fire series which basically means I think Jon Snow is freaking amazing. But I also love the Lord of the Rings series and the Lunar Chronicles (told you I love fantasy). I have never been too keen on contemporary books but if you guys ever have a recommendation for a good one let me know because I'm always trying to broaden my horizons. 
Other than books and a strong obsession with coffee and breakfast foods, I am completely infatuated with Italian culture and am currently trying to learn Italian (if you guys have any suggestions for a simple book to read in Italian please let me know!) Also I am a believer in the fact that Supernatural is probably the best show known to mankind, with The Office and Parks and Recreation being two very close seconds.  
If you guys ever have a good book recommendation, show you think I would like or book you want me to review, let me know. Message me via:


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