Friday, February 12, 2016

25 Bookish Facts About Me

TGIF. I don't know about you but I am a very nosy person, and I am sure that most people are as well; so why not post random facts about myself on the internet for the world to see. Enjoy.
  1. Out of every format to "read" a book, audiobooks are my least favorite because I tend to hardcore zone out when I am listening to them and I don't realize until I manage to focus back to the book and have no idea what the F is going on. 
  2. I can't eat or drink anything that's not in a bottle or has a straw while I am reading because I tend to spill things all over myself when I am not paying them enough attention. (Fun fact, I am pretty sure that sentence may not have grammatically sound) 
  3. Almost every time I sit down to read a book I have to cover at least some part of my body with a throw blanket or else I feel awkward. 
  4. I love owning pointless books. For example, I own The Official Dictionary of Sarcasm and a book that's literally just a giant checklist called You are Good at Things.
  5. I am terrible when it comes to finishing book series, sometimes a small thing happens in them that makes me just nope right on out of them.
  6. Those ridiculous books teachers assign, such as Decisive and How to Read Literature Like a Professor, tend to be my favorite school readings. 
  7. Similar to the above, I prefer assigned books in history and science classes more than the ones given in English classrooms. 
  8. I very rarely, if ever, read contemporary books. Not because I don't like them, but because fantasy, especially high fantasy, is like crack to me and I can't get out of it long enough to enjoy a good contemporary book. 
  9. Many years ago when Maggie Stiefvater was promoting the The Wolves of Mercy Falls series I met her in a book store and at the time had absolutely no clue who she was. My poor young self was so naive. 
  10. The only book I have ever completely reread is Farewell My Lovely by Raymond Chandler. All other books I have "reread" have had parts that I have skipped. 
  11. When I was in secondary school (8th grade to be exact) I wrote a play about friendship that contained a Walrus and some other random animals that my teacher thought was so good I had to make finger puppets of the characters and perform it in front of nursery students with some of my friends. 
  12. I have never had all of my books on display before. Some are always either in storage or my closet for some reason or another. I would have them all out if I could though. 
  13. I own more books by James Patterson than any other author, and, to be honest, he isn't even an author whom I am a big fan of. 
  14. The more beautiful and well done a book is the more inclined I am to actually read it.
  15. I am so bad at adult coloring books, I would literally rather draw my own thing for 8 hours than spend 20 minutes coloring in something. 
  16. My favorite narrated book ever is The Book Thief because its narrated by Death.
  17. I have had to read Lord of the Flies three times for school, but have never read the last chapter. 
  18. I was home-schooled from kindergarten to 6th grade and during that time my mom used to make me spend 30 minutes every night reading. Over all those years the only book I can ever remember actually reading is 1001 Arabian Knights
  19. Manga is and forever will be my guilty pleasure. 
  20. This year is the first time ever that I have read the Harry Potter series
  21. The 2005 movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice with Kiera Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen is one of my all time favorite movie adaptions. 
  23. While I read I either listen to the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify or The Lord of the Rings (film score) radio on Pandora. 
  24. Poetry, while beautiful, usually goes right over my head.
  25. I, when I can, avoid books that make me cry. This is one of the reasons I have procrastinated reading the Harry Potter series, as well as the last book in many series. (Also the reason why I have never watched Titanic, Marley and Me, etc.) 

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