Wednesday, November 30, 2016

T5W: Villains Need Love Too

As always Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey at gingerreadslainey and is hosted by Sam at thoughtsontomes. All past topics and the rest of this months topics can be found on the Goodreads group page.

I feel like it's been a hot second since I've posted anything...well...I suppose that's kind of true. (my November Wrap-Up is going to be where I talk about why I went MIA for like 2/3 weeks) Anyways, this weeks T5W is all about your favorite villains, and since we can all fill a list with just Harry Potter characters, I'm going to try my hardest to avoid them. Let's Go!

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The Aiden from the Illuminae Files 
Let's be real now, Aiden is basically the best non-"living" villain to ever bless us with his presence. Love. Love. Love.

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Dorothy from Dorothy Must Die 
Basically every pissed off drunk girl to ever wear a slutty Dorothy come to life in a fictional Dorothy villain. 

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Joffrey in A Game of Thrones
*SPOILERS* We all loves watching him die, let's be honest. He was like evil incarnate, a demon spawn living inside a vicious "prince". 

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Every Character in Vicious 
Every character in this book was just so real. I believe that this is what might actually happen if super power were a thing.

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Everything from Ghostly Echoes 
So many villains spring up in this third installment of the Jackaby series and I love how evil and crazy each and everyone one of them are, especially since it's such an intricate story line. 

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