Wednesday, October 12, 2016

All The Beautiful People Book Review

All The Beautiful People (A Dread Novel) by Jonathan Yanez 



Taylor Hart has one job—she’s a cleaner for the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. But cleaning doesn’t mean mopping floors… 
Taylor cleans up illegal messes Lazarus Pharmaceuticals creates, making sure their atrocities are never discovered by the public. But when their latest multi-trillion-dollar drug goes terribly wrong, not even Taylor can keep the fallout in check. 
Vanidrum was supposed to be a miracle drug to drive away mankind’s inner demons—but it’s managed to achieve the opposite effect… 
Paid to look the other way, Taylor can’t ignore the spreading epidemic. Rather than cure anxiety and depression, Vanidrum has caused the very darkest part of human nature to push though to the surface. 
While infected maniacs spread the virus, Taylor and her team fight for survival… 
Forced to a secluded lab hidden in the tundra of Alaska, an elite group of scientists works to find a cure. In a world infested with violent creatures spreading humanity’s darkness, no one is safe.
It isn’t until Taylor herself falls victim to the threat that she discovers her connection to this darkness runs far deeper than she’d ever imagined. 

Can Taylor and the surviving scientists bring humanity back from the edge of extinction? Or will they be forced to watch as the darkness inside mankind consumes… 


Taylor Hart is a cleaner for Lazarus Pharmaceuticals. the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world. Her job, to clean up any illegal mess that might occur when one of their drugs has an adverse affect on someone, usually before the police or media get involved. When she has to deal with a situation involving a Mr. Jones, she immediately knows something is up, that this is different than her usual clean up. As her and her employers scramble to contain the damage that Vanidrum is causing, the world around them begins to spin out of control. Is there any hope in curing this?


Let me start off by saying that I am not a big fan of zombies, the whole eating people thing freaks me out, but this story was something more. Originally I immediately started getting a World War Z kind of feeling from this, the way the disease spread and all that. What freaked me out the most though, they could still sort of talk, though, more often than not, it was a screeching noise. The main difference between these "zombies" and your traditional, walk the earth in perpetual hunger wanting to eat anything that moves because your brain is as fried as a morning omelet, zombie, is that they have a purpose and it goes a lot deeper than taste. These people starve for perfection and want to spread "beauty" to everyone, even if that includes a little skin removal and self mutilation along the way. Because zombies just wanting to kill you wasn't creepy enough, without adding in a mood-altering drug that makes you crave perfection in yourself and everyone around you. After all, the darkness wants to spread. 

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My reaction after the first attack, and yes, Jim captures it perfectly.

Taylor Hart, the main character, is everything you expect from your lead female protagonist, she's a kick ass kind of girl who wants to complete her mission. But there's a little more to it than that, and after making some friends along the way you really get to see more sides to her hard shell exterior. Don't get me wrong, the characters are pretty much exactly what you expect in this kind of story, but the crazy twists and turn throughout the novel makes you happy to have something you know. Plus, the ending to the book is nothing like what you would expect to happen, making the story as a whole brilliant in its own way. I will admit though, it lost me a little bit at the end, but I still really enjoyed where the author went with this. Plus the fight scenes were crazy and actually pretty realistic, considering it's basically crazy zombie people trying to make you beautiful. 
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All in all if you are a fan of science fiction, zombie or dystopian books I would definitely recommend this. I just wish I had read this a little closer to Halloween. 

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