Sunday, October 2, 2016

September Wrap-Up

September was one hell of a month so lets just get started.

Bookish Wrap-Up
Yes, I realize that these are mostly all graphic novels and manga, but I went through a phase this month where that was all I wanted to read. 

  1. The Hazards of Skinny Dipping (Hazards #1) by Alyssa Rose Ivy (3/5)
  2. Not Cinderella's Type by Jenni James (2.5/5)
  3. When in Rome...Find Yourself  (When in Rome) by Lena Mae Hill (3.5/5)
  4. The Winner's Kiss (The Winner's Trilogy #3) by Marie Rutkoski (4.5/5)!!!!!

        1445861119006621Image result for you're mine manga coverImage result for you're mine manga cover
  5. Macbeth by Martin Powell, Ferran Daniel and William Shakespeare (3/5)
  6. PANDORA: End of Days by Peter J. Ang, Michael Macdonough, and Jin Song Kim (3.5/5)
  7. You're Mine Vol. 1 (You're Mine #1) by Ryoku (3/5) 
  8. You're Mine Vol. 2 (You're Mine #2) by Ryoku (3.5/5)

       Image result for you're mine manga cover18374689Image result for you're mine manga coverImage result for you're mine manga cover
  9. You're Mine Vol. 3 (You're Mine #3) by Ryoku (3.5/5) 
  10. You're Mine Vol. 4 (You're Mine #4) by Ryoku (3.5/5) 
  11. You're Mine Vol. 5 (You're Mine #5) by Ryoku (3.5/5) 
  12. You're Mine Vol. 6 (You're Mine #6) by Ryoku (3/5)

  13. You're Mine Vol. 7 (You're Mine #7) by Ryoku (3/5)
  14. Towa!, Vol. 1 (Towa! #1) by Ryoku and Shino Otani (3/5)
  15. Towa!, Vol. 2 (Towa! #2) by Ryoku and Shino Otani (3/5)
  16. Towa!, Vol. 3 (Towa! #3) by Ryoku and Shino Otani (3/5)

A lot happened this month...sort of? 
  • Lets start off with the seemingly endless line of birthdays that happened in September. Okay, there were only four birthdays, but the equated to 3 dinner parties (one of which was to J. Alexanders, which was my fist time there and it was soooooo good),  2 birthday parties, one luncheon, and a girls night out...yeah ,y friends do not mess around when it comes to their birthdays. its kind of crazy. (Birthdays included a 21st birthday, 20th birthday, sweet 16, and a 3rd yeah, hectic) 
  • Huge note on my part, I re-watched Avatar: The Last Airbender this month for the first time since it originally aired and it was as good as ever...still gave me all the feels *tears*

    Image result for avatar: the last airbender funny gif

    I fogot how much I loved this crew #squadgoals

    Image result for avatar: the last airbender funny gif
    This show brings back so many memories, comment below if you've see it!

  • This month I also saw War Dogs in theaters, which of course I enjoyed because Miles Teller is a gift in everything hes in, and I watched Suicide Squad in theaters which was pretty much exactly what I expected, though, I must say that it wasn't as darkly twisted as I wanted it to be...I was kind of disapointed. Though, Quinn and the Joker's werid a** relationship was too cute sometimes, ugh, if they weren't mildy (okay maybe a little more than mildly) crazy than they might actually be goals. 
  • Also, I more recently watched Iliza Shlesinger: Confirmed Kills on Netflix and of course she killed it. Fun fact, she's my favorite comedian, I saw her War Paint skit a while back and it was absolutely hilarious, I still quote it with my family.
    Image result for iliza shlesinger confirmed kills gif
  • Some of the songs I've been obsessing over this month include;

I hope y'all had a great September and that October will be great as well. *raises glass* Heres to all the spectacular things this month has to offer *drinks blood* - I mean what...that was totally just grape juice...


  1. I watched Avatar: The Last Airbender recently too. So good!