Monday, November 23, 2015

Chance Of Rain Book Review

Chance of Rain by Laurel Veil

This book was not exactly what I was anticipating. The book itself was a good read for the most part but there was something lacking that I couldn't quite put my finger on. The protagonist, Ashley, definitely reminded me of most high school students I know act, and her best friend Bri, was exactly how most HS best friends are portrayed in books; quirky, loud and all over the place.
The writing style was very easy to follow and the story had a good mixture of romance and mystery. The friendship between Ashley and Bri was entertaining all in itself and the HS experience in the book brings me back to my own HS days. Ashley and Trent's blossoming romance in the book was something I could not stop myself from rooting for. Plus he fast pasted ending helped to make sense of some of what happened in the beginning of the book and really added a perspective in regards to the parents relationship that mended a lot of what happened. (Especially in regards to certain creepy and ill tempered people).
However, the story was a little predicable in regards to the mystery blonde, the fathers job, and what occurs in the last few chapters. Trent having a dark side and a mysterious aura about him was something very expected, especially when they first met. Plus the book was so short!! Though I really enjoyed it and related to a lot of aspects to the book, I felt like there were missing aspects. I wish there was a little bit more character building and that the story as a whole was just a bit longer, 200 pages was not enough, I wanted more! 3.75/5
(ps. I received this book via Goodreads giveaway)

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