Friday, October 9, 2015

Jackaby book Review

Jackaby by William Ritter

This was an overall pretty fun read. The characters were interesting and Jackaby was pretty peculiar, which I really enjoyed. The idea of the story in itself was what drew me to this book and its comparison to both Sherlock Holmes and Buffy the Vampire slayer made me pick it up. However, if you want a story that's going to really blow you away this isn't it. 
It is a relatively intising detective story and I can really see how it can be compared to Sherlock Holmes in that Jackaby is peculiar and kind of does his own this which gets him in trouble more often than not. The story is fun and faced passed, and it would be a great book to help you get out of a book slump and, if you aren't a very avid reader, it's light book to pick up. 
My favorite part about this book though, is it's incredibly stunning book cover. I love how the cover is both relevant to the story and just nice to look at, a great display cover. The book in itself though I would probably give a 4/5.

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