Monday, August 1, 2016

July Wrap-Up

Where does the time go? July was such a crazy month and I'm sure that August is going to be even more crazy. However, I'm going to be much better at keeping up with my posts this month; I've got a planner and everything.


  1. To Build A Fire by Jack London (4/5)
  2. The Looking Glass Wars (The Looking Glass Wars #1) by Frank Beddor (3.5/5) - Review 
  3. The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey (4/5) - Review CS
  4. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Oz #1) by L.Frank Baum (3/5)
  5. Peter and Wendy (Peter Pan #3) by J.M. Barrie (3/5)
  • I officially started my new job! It's nothing too fancy, I work in one of the restaurants at one of the beach resort and hotels here in South Florida. 
  • Started the process of going back to school, which is super exciting for me because I'm weird and actually love school. Don't judge, 
  • I started watching Futurama and I can practically feel my brain cells dying as I watch it...but for some reason I can't stop...I'm pretty sure the show is brain washing me...send help.
  • Also, I've started watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and I'm not completely sure how I feel about the show yet. I know a lot of people love it, but there's something about it that makes me not quite sold yet.
That's a wrap! I know, nothing too exciting but I have a feeling that August is going to be something else; starting with a girl's road trip to Orlando. This is going to be fun.

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